D-VOIS Broadband Customer Care, Toll-Free Helpline Phone Number, Office Address

D-VOIS Broadband (Customer Care, Toll-Free Helpline Phone Number, Office Address)-D-VOIS is an Internet Service Provider. D-VOIS has an all India CLASS-A Internet Service Provider certified by Ministry of Communications, Govt. of India. This company provides  Broadband services under the brand I-On and also this company offers up to 50 Mbps speed in Mumbai as well as Thane. This company incorporated in 2006 with the objective of providing full network service and High-Speed Internet service.

This Internet service provider mainly used in Campus wifi network at Manipal University campus, Karnataka. The network of D-VOIS spreads in 5sq. km and is capable of supporting 15000 subscribers. The network has 8000+ subscribers who can access the internet.

D-VOIS Broadband


There are so many beneficial plans giving D-VOIS Company to the customers.

  1. Rs.600 (30 days) – 10Mbps up to 15GB and 1Mbps thereafter.
  2. 480 (30 days) – Unlimited usage at 1 Mbps Speed.
  3. 380 (30 days) – Unlimited usage at 512 Kbps Speed.
  4. 580 (30 days) – Unlimited usage at 2 Mbps Speed.
  5. 880 (30 days) – Unlimited usage at 4 Mbps Speed.



D-VOIS provides full support to the customer care numbers and toll-free helpline numbers. If any customer faces any kind of problem then they can contact to them:


  • HELPLINE NUMBERS: 080-45114500.
  • MUMBAI HELP DESK NUMBER: 18001209636



D-VOIS Communication Pvt Ltd.

KHR House,11/1 Palace Road,Bangalore 560-054.


You can also visit this link for more details.


  1. FACEBOOK: @DvoisssvBroadband

D-VOIS has their official facebook page. In this, you can see and  get information about D-VOIS and likes of this page are 1200+. You can like this page for new updates.    

  1. TWITTER: @dvoisssv

D- VOIS has their Twitter account in which 600+ people tweets on this page and 150+ followers of this page.

Hope you found the required contact information.

If you have any problem with their service, then you can also comment below.

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